New Delhi: Veteran actor Anupam Kher today launched a scathing attack on writer Arundhati Roy for returning her National Award and speaking on ‘rising intolerance’ in India. The actor has been quite vocal against those returning their awards on the issue of rising intolerance after the Modi government came to power.

Awareness programe for upliftment of Backward Classes Peoples and Minorities.

A) There are so many schemes provided by the government to Backward Classes for their welfare as well as upliftment, however the needy and targeted people are aware of them. Also is spite of awareness many of them do not know the process of getting those benefits and the worst part is the cumbersome processes which are needed to get those benefits. We are conducting programs in the form of meetings, gatherings in various areas detailing and assisting them about that information to get those benefits. A few names of those benefits are given below:
1. Application/ processing of caste certificate.
2. Application for grants for beneficiaries e.. SC, ST. OBC and Minorities.
3. Awareness for protection and safeguard provided by government to the Backward Classes.
4. Referring to human rights commission of suitable cases for problems related to Backward Classes. B) All rural areas of West Bengal, however major work done till date in Hooghly, Howrah, 24 Pgs. District South and North.