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About Us

We are all about social justice, liberty equality and fraternity. We strive to secure equal opportunity for all, especially the rights of the Backward Classes SCs, STs  & Minorities, the poor and the downtrodden. We dream of a Vibrant India where all will be equally empowered to live with head held high. 

Help the needy, promote fellow feeling, and improve the standard of living of the Backward Classes, SCs, STs & Minorities, work in the field of education and most important of all make people aware of the rights they have under the Indian Constitution, help people acquire these rights. 


On 26th January 1950, we are going to enter into a life of contradictions. In politics we will have equality and in social and economic life we will have inequality, In Politics, we will be recognizing the principle of one man-one vote and one vote-one value. In our social and economic life, we shall by reason of our social and economic structure, continue to deny the principle of one man-one value.

How long shall we continue to live this life of contradictions? How long shall we continue to deny equality in our social and economic life?

If we continue to deny it for long, we will do so only by putting our political democracy in peril. We must remove this contradiction at the earliest possible moment or else those who suffer from inequality will below up the structure of political democracy which this Assembly has so laboriously built up.

From Dr. B. R. Ambedkar's Speech

in the Constituent Assembly

on 25th November 1949.



" The freedom movement was not freedom movement, but was a movement to establish the supremacy of Arya Brahmins". In the first general elections after so called independence, Jawaharlal Nehru gava 60% of the tickets of Brahmin candidates and 56% members of the first parliament were these Brahmins. In this way the control of Brahmins wa established over the indian Parliament. 

Nest, in order to absolutely control the democracy such laws were passed by him, which established absolute control over the parliament, the Executive, the Judiciary and the Media and the entire government administrative machinery. Today Brahmins control the ruling party, the opposition party and even the third opposition party of communists is also controlled by Brahmins. All this has resulted in the ' Absolute Control' being established over our democracy. The reason why this could be achieved was the freedom movement which proves that 'the freedom movement was not a freedom movement'. 

3. A Bitter Truth

The Muslim hatred is not for the hared of Muslims, it is to strengthen the slavery of Bahujan Society caste system and the supremacy of brahminical system.

When two religious ideologies crash against each other, religious fanaticism & hegemony is born. This exemplified in our country where Hindu-Muslim classes create a situation where the role of leadership of Muslim is placed in the hands of its religious leadership and on the other hand, the leadership of Bahujan Society is handed on the platter to the brahmin. For thousand years, brahmin is the undisputed leader of Hindu religion. In other words, any religious polarisation of the Hindus- Muslims results in the leadership of Muslim front being placed with the high class Muslims and the leadership of the Hindu front being placed with the Brahmins. Thus the biggest result of Muslim hatred is that the Brahmin becomes the leader of Bahujans. Whenever Brahmin becomes leader, he always uses bahujan society to strengthen the slavery over Bahujan Soociety, his Varna/Casted system and brahiminical system. Brahmin becomes the commander of ous Bahujan soldiers and the uses them for his purpose. Hence, we would hve to understand that the Muslim hatred is not for the hatred of Muslims, but it is to strengthen the slavery of Bahujan society, caste system and the supremacy of brahminical system.

The BJP has always been benefited by the reaction of Muslims against Muslim hated. If all the Muslims are polarising on religious basis, their representation in the parliament should have increased, however, it has decreased and resulted in BJP forming the government. if Muslims are trying to campaingn to unite on religious basis, their destruction is imminent. This is because RSS will mobilise the Hindu by saying the the Muslim are uniting on religious grounds. The RSS is seen to be successful in instigating the Bahujan on religious basis. Hon'ble Waman Meshram ( National President BAMCEF)

4. Democracy

If we rationally analyze the current situation of our country, the biggest problem that poses a challenge before our democracy is that, the constitutional and democratic rights of people are being denied and mollified through systematic conspiracy. In fact, I believe there is no such thing as ‘Republic’ existing in India. This is because the principle of Real Representation has been removed systematically by the ‘Political Party’ machinery controlled by Brahminical people.

Democracy is today accepted as the best form of governance through which people’s problems can be resolved peacefully. However, this object can be achieved in a real democracy. In our country, only elections are held periodically in the name of democracy. The world at large believes that India is a democratic country only because elections are undertaken and conducted successfully. Apart from the elections and between two elections, democracy doesn’t exist. In fact election itself has been made one of the most drastic means of sabotaging Indian democracy! This is why I believe that India is a democratic country only because elections are undertaken and conducted successfully. Apart from the elections and between two elections, democracy doesn’t exist. In fact election itself has been made one of the most drastic means of sabotaging Indian democracy! This is why I believe that real democracy has been sabotaged in India and due to this; people are unable to find solutions to their problems in spite of the existence of a democratic set up. For example, Untouchability and the Segregation of adivasis (aboriginals) are problems which have not been resolved even today for which Gandhi is responsible. 

5. Liberalization, Globalization and Privatization: -

The Congress started this policy, the BJP implemented this policy and the Communists supported this policy. The Congress, BJP and the communists, all these three are working together for implementing this policy of Liberalization and Globalization. The communists, as a strategy, sometimes show their opposition. This opposition is mere eyewash as they support the same government which is implementing this policy. If they do not show this opposition, their voter base would not support them. So they juggle two opposite things at the same time. They continue to support the government and outside the Parliament they oppose the policy. Only one out of these two is true. Either they are supporting the government or the policy. We feel that the Communists have signaled the congress to continue implementing the policy but to let them oppose it outside. By this they would be able to contain the people’s opposition to this polity. If people find some other alternative, Congress would be in danger. This is why we feel that under the mutual understanding of Congress and the Communists; simultaneously the implementation of this new economic policy and opposition to this policy is being done.

This policy of Liberalization, Globalization and Privatization is in reality a part of the larger conspiracy of enslaving India in a vicious way. This is a strategy to control and capture the shifting balance of power. It’s our analysis that the Communists are an organ and part and parcel of the Brahminical system.

6. No foreign individual or community has the right to rule over a Country: -

The United Nations Organization has passed a declaration – ‘No foreign individual or community has the right to rule over a country’.

Recently America attacked and captured Iraq. The UNO passed another resolution stating that America should leave Iraq immediately and after conducting elections, leave Iraq in the hands of Iraqis. This example proves that the UN too accepts this principle the foreign people cannot rule over a country. The Brahmins are Eurasians and thus foreigners. DNA research has proved this and so they have no right to rule over India and Indians. This country belongs only to Indians. Hence the freedom movement of India should be run by Indians. This is the basic concept of our freedom struggle.

We feel that this basic concept should be kept in mind while raising the movement and we are working on this line. We call this as our true independence movement. In the near future this would be made a nationwide movement and then converted in to people’s movement. Just as Gandhi had raised a people’s movement to drive the British out of India, we too have three options of treatment to these foreigners.

First is the way of Gandhi- 

In this he says that the foreigners should leave the country. This is not our but Gandhi’s principle.

Second is the way of Hitler-

In this he believed that the foreigners should be annihilated in gas chamber. This too is not our option.

The third option is of Nelson Mandela-

He says ‘You came in our country, enslaved and ruled us for which you have stayed hero for many generations. You have now become inhabitants of this land. But the right to rule shall remain with the natives.

Our stand is that the foreigner Eurasian who is today knows as Brahmin shall stay in India; however, Indians shall have the right to rule this country. The Africans of South Africa today are in the ruling. Only one option shall be implemented out of the three but the choice of the option would depend on the behavior of Brahmins.

“One Caste has been controlling the whole Country”

The Information given by Waman Meshram in his introductory speech is absolutely right. I accept all of his information. The Truth is in existence for thousands of years, it was truth in the period of Periyar and Dr. B. R. Ambedkar & Lohiya. It had been untold for a long period. 

The Burden of system which we have carried is like the weight of Himalaya which has made our generations suffers for centuries. Today we are also suffering from the same system.

The dreams and objectives of our foregather are incomplete. By keeping caste notions intact in our minds we are committing a great crime.

They imposed caste system on us and divided us in different castes. We came out on the roads and fought in favour of Mandal Commission. It was us who discussed the issues of women in Lok Sabha. The Queen and Maid should have the same rights. We started the agitation on Women reservation.

The Brahmins would never agree to undertake caste based census. This is because the common masses would then come to know about the monopoly and control of Brahmins over the Government.

3.5% Brahmin has snatched 100% control over Judiciary, Executive, Legislative and Media. 

Brahmin has absolute control over this country. However they always take care that the people should not come to know the monopoly of Brahmin.

The strength of majority people always prevails over a few. Hitler never won permanently but the so called traditional enemy wins against majority people of India. One caste has controlled the whole country.

We must break the caste system and we will have to organize each caste. Then we will be able to fight the so called enemy. 

The so called traditional enemy will not win against the majority people of the India. 

We must try to destroy the gutter and we must move further towards the clean flow of river to succeed. We see all types of corruption, injustice and exploitation.

I would suggest that you should start “Jati Todo or Samaj Bano” campaign. The people should break the caste system and it should convert into society and a nation. 

It may take time but we should keep on marching towards the objective of our forefather.

What is the meaning of caste? One has to give respect to a class and treat other with insult.

You respect one class and behave with them in good manners while give the worst treatment to the lower classes. This is the caste system.

The Indian people will liberate when, they get liberated from caste system.

The freedom from caste is the remedy of all our problems. The true liberation lies in the liberation from the caste. The current Government is the same people, who have exploited us for centuries.

The Sangh Parivar is giving the slogan in the name of Hindu and is opposing the Muslims. The Sangh Parivar intends to stop the awareness among the Shudras and Atishudras. The Sangh Parivar is not fighting against Muslim; they are strongly against SC/ST/OBC.

They are not going to make aware the common masses about it. Their intention is that the mulnivasi masses should never come out from the clutches of slavery. We are not Hindu; we didn’t get any benefit from the Hindu Religion.

RSS & Sangh Parivar is fomenting the Hindu-Muslim riots to make the Sc/St/Obc as Hindu.

“Who has Black money?” Does the schedule caste possess the black money in the foreign country in their account? The Adivasis are the worst victims of this social system. They are suffering for centuries. No caste can compare the perpetuated slavery of the Adivasis. We should organize SCs/STs/OBCs most Backward OBC and the minorities. We must organize Schedule Tribe who is the worst victims of the society.

Do the Adivasis have black money in the foreign bank? How much money these people have given here on dias. Only one lack. How much money BJP people get? They are receiving uncounted money which they can’t count by using machine. They control total Judiciary, Parliament, Administration, Media. Does the farmer of India have kept black money in the foreign Bank?

The 80% majority masses don’t possess such huge money in the foreign Bank? What crime they committed. The people who are from the upper caste are the ones who possess black money in the foreign Banks.

You must keep in mind that the high caste people are the mafia, looter, thieves. They have kept black money in foreign Bank. Whatever Mr. Waman Meshram told you is right and it is fact.

Dalits are the largest group of people in the world who are systematically discriminated against on the basis of their descent and caste. They perform the worst jobs in the dirtiest conditions, and have the shortest life expectancy, the lowest level of education, the Jeremy Corbyn worst housing and the lowest 

Leader of the pay and employment levels of Labour Party, any group in India, or indeed, 

United Kingdom the rest of the world. 

Jeremy Corbyn, 

Leader of the Labour Party

United Kingdom

In a period overridden by ritualism there was hardly a day on which there was no cow sacrifice to which the Brahmin was not invited by some nonBrahmin. For the Brahmin every day was a beef-steak day. The Brahmins were therefore the greatest beef eaters. 

-Dr.B.R. Ambedkar